Wellness at Wesley Manor

Wesley Manor nurtures the mind, body, and spirit through a wide range of programs, events, social gatherings, Bible studies, group outings, and individualized services. Every day is different and provides many opportunities to enjoy lifelong interests or explore new ones.

Our fully-equipped fitness center provides residents the opportunity to conveniently practice strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio exercises. In addition, our indoor pool and bowling alley offer enjoyable ways to stay in shape while socializing with friends. Whether taking part in group classes or exercising on their own while watching a favorite television program, many residents are showing measurable improvement in their health and fitness.

Brain fitness and continuing education are also popular with our residents. Increasing evidence shows that remaining engaged in life and continuing to learn can have positive effects on memory and mental acuity.

Ask for a monthly calendar to see all that we have to offer in our Wellness Program.

Wellness at Wesley Manor
Woman lifting weights
Man with yoga mat